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Younger audiences love how dynamic the platform is. That You can post news means brands need to understand that language to thrive there. TikTok is a network of short videos, dances, challenges, lip-sync, filters, duets, and anything that exercises creativity. Videos on TikTok don’t need to be perfectly polished to go viral. Actually, the ones that get more engagement usually are not that well-made or have amazing image quality.

What matters is to be creative and original

Grew so fast that brands are still trying to find the C Level Contact List best ways to turn their engagement potential into real Marketing success. an Australian company, is one of those that are cracking the code. They used the collaborative aspect of social media to make a contest for young Australians, resulting in a conversion rate of more than 10%. Pinterest Pinterest was always kind of the outlier of social media. It was never the most popular network nor the most spoken about, but it really engages its loyal audience: 442 million users, 60% women. That happens because Pinterest really is different. While it offers interaction tools, it is a more visual search engine than a social network. People use it to create inspirational boards for their lives, jobs, or projects. They are looking for references, keeping recipes saved for special occasions, planning their living room’s decoration, or researching new looks. This behavior means that Pinterest has deeper ties with consumption than other platforms, as people usually use it to plan purchases.

According to the brand

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85% of its users say they access the channel to start new projects, while 89% say they access it as an inspiration to buy something. Your company can use Pinterest to share BHB Directory
pins based on your persona’s lifestyle, reinforcing your brand’s personality and inspiring users. Brands can also use Pinterest to drive sales.

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