Why work is never done

When your boss or colleagues ask you for advice. The worst thing to do is to say “I don’t know don’t ask me” because it will show that you are disrespectful and uncaring. When they ask you something. It must be related to your work. But you reply “I don’t know. don’t ask me” to get rid of them. When you answer this, it proves that you are either perfunctory or you don’t understand your job at all. In short, it gives people a bad impression. If you say “I’m sorry, I will find out”, it also means you don’t know. Wouldn’t it be better if you say it this way?

I don’t want to do this anymore / It’s too much trouble

For many workers, this sentence can be said Switzerland Phone Number List to be a catchphrase. Every day from nine to five, there are new tasks and new reports every day, and when you can’t stand it anymore, you will say “I don’t want to do it anymore!”. Of course, it’s okay to say this to yourself, but please don’t say it to your colleagues, because it will indirectly emit negative energy. Do you think other people just want to work and are not tired? But they still grit their teeth and hold on, but your words “I don’t want to do it anymore” will seriously affect their mood at work.

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This was done by someone, it has nothing to do with me

It is impossible for us to not make mistakes at work. However, if mistakes are made at work, some people will often shirk responsibility first. Although the work is completed by the team, but the mistakes are made by others, we will explain to our superiors, “It has nothing to do with me, it’s all so-and-so’s fault.” But do your superiors really want to hear this? No! They only want to hear your solutions, not your shirking of Vietnam Phone Number List responsibility. Your words “Sorry, we will solve the problem as soon as possible” can already satisfy your superiors.

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