When the interviewer asks you “how many offers do you have so far”, should you tell him the truth? If you want to successfully pass the interview, smart people will answer like this!

During interviews, I am occasionally asked, “Have you received an offer?” and “How many companies have you received offers from?”

When an interviewer asks this type of question, they all have the following three intentions:

Companies you may be interested in

1- Want to know if you already have a company you like

It is very likely that the company is already interested in you and wants to know if you are interested in joining the company, and Romania Phone Number List then offer better conditions as much as possible to win you over.

2-Determine wheher you are good enough

Some interviewers will use this as a basis to judge whether you are good enough, because excellent job seekers will definitely have many companies competing for you as a candidate.

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3- Understand your interest in the company

In order to understand whether you are interested in joining other companies and test your interest in the company you are applying BHB Directory for. If the interviewer feels that you are not very interested, they don’t want to waste time on . Iyou and will look for better candidates.Therefore, based on the abo. Kve reasons, this question cannot be answered casually and must be answered with caution.

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