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 You can get the keywords included in each variant of this product on Amazon, and have detailed search traffic words, the proportion of natural traffic and advertising traffic, and related traffic (that is, the product page). The proportion of natural and advertising traffic above. Next, I will introduce to you the analysis of product keywords from several aspects such as screening competing products, the types of these keywords, the logic of inclusion in rankings, and how to get our products included in these keywords.

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 The traffic analysis and word reverse search here both belong to the category of keyword reverse search. Traffic analysis is similar to version 2.0 of keyword reverse search. You can see more specifically how much traffic this keyword brings to competing products and also have Phone Number List  accurate keyword ranking information. 2. What kind of competing products are suitable for our traffic screening? We use this tool to check the traffic of our own links and competing products.

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 Needless to say our own links, what kind of competing products meet our criteria for filtering traffic? 2.1 Core competing products in the top 50 on the BSR list First of all, the first category of competitive products is those that have relatively high sales in the entire category and are highly related to the products we want to make. This type  BHB Directory of competing product has relatively high sales volume and is highly similar to the product we are going to launch next.

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