The courses are intende for intercompany

 Approve by the lombardy region for the years with the cofinancing of the european social fund. How does it work? Each recipient will be able to request a training voucher up to a maximum of €. Each company will have a maximum amount of € . Available to be spent on an annual basis. Each workerfreelance professional will be able to benefit from one or more training courses. Up to reaching the total value of the voucher. The courses are intende for intercompany or singlecompany classes and will be confirme when the minimum number of participants is reache.

Employees can attend training courses

 The course fee will be advance by the companyfreelancer. The region will directly reimburse the companyfreelancer at the end of the C Level Contact List training course. Participants are require to attend of the number of hours of the chosen courses. To apply for financing you must have an electronic signature. Check our extensive course catalog available for this type of financing. Courses finance for companies registere with interprofessional funds. If you are a business owner then your. In espero or at the company with the contribution of interprofessional funds.

Should be able to provide

 Such as fondimpresa for example. Thanks to fondimpresa you will receive a full refund of the cost of the courses. How do you know if you are registere BHB Directory with one of the many interprofessional funds available? The personnel department. Or the accountant who follows the company.  you with this answer. We remind you that among the interprofessional funds. In addition to fondimpresa. There are also less wellknown funds such as fondirigenti. For. Te. Fondir. Fonarcom. Fapi. Fonter.

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