Leave all your grievances

Because you left, the company needs to find someone to take your position and work. However, for the newcomer, you are not familiar with. All the work and need someone to give you some advice. At this time, whether you do a good job of handover is very important to the company. Some people leave the previous company but do not do a good job of handover. Thinking that these messes are none of their business after I leave. If you do this, it will only make your boss dissatisfied with you. If your behavior is spread by the company or the boss, your reputation in the industry will be hit.

Show gratitude to your boss

Some people choose to leave their former company Peru Phone Number List because they are dissatisfied with the company and the way their boss operates. At this time, he/she will think that I have finally left and no longer have to look at the boss’s face, so he/she will express his/her dissatisfaction with him/her in front of the boss, and no longer have to worry about the boss dealing with him/her in the company. If you think so, you are wrong. After all, he/she is still the boss, and he/she has more connections and more power than you in the workplace. Do you think that your boss can’t deal with you after you leave? If your boss wants to make a move, you can’t defend yourself

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Have a friendly farewell ceremony with colleagues

Some people think that since they have resigned, there is no need to keep in touch with their former colleagues, and it is more important to build new connections in the new company. In my opinion, even if you resign, it does not prevent you from leaving your former colleagues with a good impression Algeria Phone Number List of you before leaving. After all, who can guarantee that you will not meet your former colleagues at work in the future, or that one day your company will reach a cooperation with your former company, etc.? Isn’t it better to part ways in peace, not to make enemies, and reduce your own troubles?

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