How to write a motivation letter: example and step by step

A cover letter is a way of showing a candidate’s personality, enthusiasm and interest in the company. When this document reaches the hands of the person in charge of the selection process, he or she can evaluate more than just the CV. Through this letter, he or she can learn about the candidate , what achievements he or she has obtained and why he or she wants that job. This document is essential in the selection process because it provides a first impression of your professional profile . A recruiter can get a more complete picture of who you are and how you would fit into the team and the company culture. A good motivation letter can make the difference between candidates with similar profiles, as it allows unique qualities and genuine motivation to be highlighted.

How to write a motivation letter?

Writing an effective motivation letter involves following a series of steps and considering several elements. Let’s see what the structure of this type of document is. Parts and structure The parts of a motivation letter are: Header . This includes the candidate’s contact information Jordan Phone Numbers and the recipient’s contact information. It should give a formal start to the letter so that the recruiter can easily contact you. It includes the name, address, phone number, email, date, recruiter’s name, address, and company name. Greeting . Start the letter with a formal greeting. If you know the recruiter’s name, it is recommended to use it to show that you have researched the company. Introduction . This is where you mention the position you are applying for and how you heard about the opening. Briefly include your interest in the position and the company. First body paragraph.

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Describe the experiences and skills most relevant to the position, including specific examples that demonstrate your accomplishments and abilities. Second body paragraph . Explain why the person is interested in working for that particular company. Mention specific aspects Afghanistan Phone Number List of the company that appeal to you and how you can contribute to their goals. Third body paragraph – If the candidate feels it is necessary, there is sometimes a third paragraph that highlights any relevant information, such as additional skills or experiences that may be of interest to the employer. Conclusion . The candidate reiterates his interest in the position and thanks the recruiter for considering his application, as well as mentioning his availability for an interview and providing a formal farewell. Sample motivation letter Let’s see more clearly how to write a motivation letter with a practical example.

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