Google Partners 2021: changes

Google is a program of g o o g l e used by advertising agencies and specialists in internet marketing. Therefore, thanks to the status of google partners .They can manage profiles in google adwords on behalf of other businesses . Yes, as part of the google partners program, it provides agencies with the tools and support they need to succeed in doing business. Therefore, google partners has the opportunity to study for free, receive certification (google partners certification) and be rewarded for achievements .

What are the benefits of having a badge anyway

Those who are awarded the status of partner ( g o o g l e partner ) and premium partner ( g o o g l e premier partner ) . Will receive a special badge Consumer Mobile Number Database that allows them to conduct marketing on the internet more effectively. Therefore, it shows that the contextual advertising of the site is one of the main fields in your agency and you have qualified specialists in this field. Early 2021, google announced that it would make changes to the structure of the google partners program .  Therefore, google partners’ updates will be fully implemented from february 2022. But some changes have already been applied since june of this year. Therefore, design of the g o o g l e partners certification page ; rejection of the specialization of companies . Whose work includes marketing on the internet; lack of information about the old program after updating the information.

Google Partners 2021 program - major system updates

The criteria for becoming a certified g o o g l e adwords partner and receiving the g o o g l e adwords. Partner badge BHB Directory are also changing for example. Now google’s contextual advertising must not have an optimization level below 70% . Therefore, this means that for the company, google advertising is the optimal tool that the golden web.  Digital marketing studio perfectly adjusts for there are three categories of partner badge requirements . Therefore, that thresholds must be met company performance, spending requirements, and certification requirements. Effectiveness companies that care about how to become a google . Therefore,  partner must have the necessary experience to skillfully set up their customers ‘ google ads campaigns . Yes, this experience is measured in the optimization rate, which should be at least 70%.

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