[A Guide for Social Workers to Help Themselves] Is your work making you increasingly exhausted? Don’t rush to quit your job. Here are 5 ways to deal with job burnout!

From being full of enthusiasm at the beginning to being listless now, do you feel that you are getting more and more tired?

I am becoming less and less patient with clients and colleagues, and I don’t feel a sense of accomplishment, value, or belonging at work. My work efficiency is declining, I am late for work and leave early, and within an hour of work, I Afghanistan Phone Number List am already thinking about what to eat for lunch and where to go after get off work.

If the above situations occur, it means that you have fallen into a period of professional burnout. So how can we make some adjustments?

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1 – Change your work environment

We can change our work environment, such as working in a coffee shop, to inject freshness into our work. We can also talk to our boss about changing our job positions, which can also allow us to learn new skills. Remember, never just work in a single field, we should try working in other positions to improve our skills and give ourselves a chance to adapt to a new work environment.

2. Remember to reward yourself

Whenever you complete a task or reach a goal, give yourself a proper reward. For example, buy yourself a gift you’ve wanted for a long time, watch a movie, have a good meal, or go on a trip to relax. Rewarding yourself is very important. Sometimes taking a break and adjusting yourself will be of great help to your future work.

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3 – Provide irreplaceable value

In fact, most people feel tired and bored at work, and in many cases it is because the salary is too low. So how do you ask your boss for a raise? First of all, you have to think about how to bring more profits to the company and bring BHB Directory more customers to the boss. In short, what irreplaceable value can you provide to the company, so that you have the confidence to ask your boss for a promotion and a raise.

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